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University Admission

We help students to find the right course at universities and receive suitable admission for the desired program.

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We help students to find the right course at colleges and receive suitable admission for the desired program.

Foundation and Pathway Programs

We are ready to provide you with a concise plan to ensure that you can advance to study at the UK institutions.

English Language Courses

We offer English language programs to help our students succeed and prepare them to study in the UK or to improve their language for future career.

Teachers Training

Our teacher training program is designed to empower educators with the latest teaching methodologies and strategies, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to inspire and engage their students effectively.

Boarding & Summer Schools

Develop the student’s language and to open new horizons for their future.

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By the Grace of Almighty ALLAH, I got my UK study permit and arrived in the UK on time. I want to thank the PIONEERS EDUCATION ADMISSION CONSULTANCY LTD team for their professional services. My study permit journey has been very smooth with their help. I highly recommend PEAC; my dream wouldn't have come true without them.
Afiz Ali
University of Bolton (M.Sc.)
PIONEERS EDUCATION ADMISSION CONSULTANCY LTD is the best college admissions consulting company. I am an international student, and the UK college admission process is both new and complicated thing for me. They helped me to find an affordable and higher-ranked college for my foundation course. I would recommend them to anyone seeking college admissions counselling.
Tahir Ahmad
Uxbridge College
Preparing for my IGCSE, I sought to improve my English. Pioneers helped me gain admission to Edinburgh College, where I completed a beneficial six-month English language course. Grateful for their invaluable support and apt suggestions, I now feel more confident and ready for academic success. Thank you, Pioneers Team!
Mir Farhan Masrur
Edinburgh COllege
من خلال تجربتي ممكن ألخص ابرز الأشياء، بالنسبة للقبول كان جدا سلس ومرن ومتابعه احترافية واسلوب راقي، السكن والمواصلات شرح لأبرز المعلومات اللي ممكن الشخص يحتاجها. أيضا شريحة البيانات من حسن ضيافتكم تريح إلى أبعد درجة ، الله يعطيكم الصحة والعافية ويرزقكم من واسع فضله ، جداً ممتن للمعاملة وحسن التعامل .
بدور علي, KSA
University of Strathclyde (M.SC.)
لعبت شركة بايونيرز إي دي يو للاستشارات دورا حاسما في ضمان قبولي في جامعة دي مونتفورت، على الرغم من درجتي المنخفضة في اختبار آيلتس (IELTS). كان دعمهم المخصص وخبرتهم طوال عملية التقديم ملحوظين. قدموا التوجيه الشخصي والنصائح القيمة، مما أعزز تطبيقي بشكل كبير. بفضل التزامهم الثابت ومعرفتهم العميقة بمتطلبات الجامعة، تغلبت على التحديات الأكاديمية الأولية. أوصي بشدة ببايونيرز إي دي يو للاستشارات لأي طالب طامح يحتاج إلى مساعدة موثوقة في رحلته الأكاديمية. إنهم يغيرون اللعبة بكل تأكيد!
سعيد سلطان, KSA
De Montfort University(Foundation & Bachelor)

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